Recent Rain and Snow may have dampened the recent Trail Jam festivities, but the Trail Conditions here in Eagle are…

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…awesome.  We have been getting small showers daily for about the week now and it has been making the trails super tacky and firm.  If you were ever looking to set a PR on Pool & Ice or Haymaker DH, now is the time to do it.  almost all the berms are firm and tacky.   Just yesterday, I dropped 3 seconds on my PR on the Haymaker PR.  Seeing as it is a .3 mile section of trail, I’ll take it.  Boneyard is in great condition, Haymaker is great, and I hear that the Arroyo loops are riding nice as well.  We still have snow up high, so don’t plan on getting up to Firebox or Mike’s.  Not even sure you could get to the top of Pipeline yet, but it won’t be long.

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