Tick Alley is comprised of a little single track and a little double track. It is accessed from Eagle by the School House Rock trail or if descending from Abrams, Worlds, Scratch… Tick Alley does see a lot of moto action, so be prepared for the ruts that the moto tires create when accelerating. This trail does contain a lot of gypsum and therefore, does get rutted out pretty easily. There are also a lot of loose rocks that can make climbing even that more difficult. Tick Alley from Eagle is approximately a 4.5 mile climb (again dependent on where you start) and ends at Yellow Chair. When climbing, Castle Peak will be directly behind you.

tickalley-topsectionYellow Chair is kind of an iconic landmark for us Eagle residents. From Yellow Chair, you can turn around and descend or you can go west to Elk Loop or you can go east and connect with Itch, Scratch, Worlds Greatest, and Abrams Ridge. (Of course, you can take Scratch out to Mike’s, Abram’s Gulch,…)

Note, this trail is best ridden early season, after a good rain, and if you ride it mid-summer, it is best to ride early, because there is very little shade on this trail and it gets hot.