Red Neck Ridge Downhill Trail via Boneyard Climb

Prior to the improvements on Pool & Ice Rink, the Red Neck Ridge trail got considerably more traffic.    The top section of this downhill is a hoot.  Most of it is winding trail that cuts through the Pinyon & Sage.  It is pretty fast, but there are a few tight switch backs to be ready for.  Also, it does have some rocky section where the rocks don’t budge when you hit them and then some sections of loose rocks.  The bottom of this trail has a lot of gypsum, which the locals refer to as “moon dust”.  The gypsum is a type of mineral in the soil that is used to make drywall.  It is very fine and therefore, trenches get created from riders riding their brakes.  The trenches can get pretty deep, so keep your eyes out for that.

This trail parallels the dirt road at a few points along the way, so you can opt out of doing the bottom section if you want.  This trail ends in the Upper Kaibob neighborhood of Eagle which is just uphill from the Bluffs/the starting point of Boneyard.