We had some pretty good rain last night, but the sun is coming out and it should get good…

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I would imagine that the higher up you go the more likely you would be to get into mud.  Earlier this week, I rode Abrams Gulch up and there is mud just before the stream crossing, but dry everywhere else.  Did Itch back to Abrams Ridge down to KillBill and all was really good.  I heard that Mike’s was dry and Catwalk was dry, but again that was before last night’s rain.

Also, as the snowmelt continues, the creek crossing towards the top of Pipeline will get more sketchy.  I did around this time a few years ago and it was pretty high and running really fast.  Runoff hasn’t been too bad yet, but the temperatures have been milder than normal. If we get a few really hot days, we could see a bump in runoff.

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