The Boneyard Trail

This is one of the, if not the, favorite of the locals.  This trail is a gradual climb through Pinyon/Juniper trees and Sage brush for approximately 3 miles.  This trail starts at the BLM gate off Bluffs Drive and Mill Road.  The climb consists of several switch backs.  It has a few small rocky sections and a few sections with exposed tree roots, but overall, this trail rocks and allows riders to get into a good cadence.  The climb is approximately 1600 ft.  There are a few options coming down.  You can turn around and come down the boneyard.  You can take the road down.  You can take the East Eagle Trail down aka. Red Neck Ridge.  Or you can take the most popular route down which is the Pool/Ice Rick trail.  Any of these options will give you about a 6 mile ride.

Here is a trail map from the Eagle County site which shows these East Eagle Trails

Parking Info:

There is a parking area right at the trail head, but it will only accommodate a handful of cars. If it is full, there is a parking lot due west of the trail head a few hundred yards away, that will accommodate a few dozen cars.