The Eagle Ranch Neighborhood Trails are, as the name suggests, a handful of trails that meander through the lower Eagle Ranch neighborhoods.   They consist of:

  1. Abrams Gulch and Abrams Ridge
  2. School House Rock
  3. 2nd Gulch
  4. 3rd Gulch/Pipeline Trail
  5. The Bailey Trail
  6. The Wall Trail
  7. The Riddle Trail
  8. Turniphead
  9. 4th of July to Harrier Circle Connector
  10. Kill Bill

Note, there are several other trails here in Eagle, but they don’t start or finish in Eagle Ranch.  For example, the Boneyard Trail and Red Neck Ridge start and finish in what is considered East Eagle, so we classify these as East Eagle Trails.  Firebox, the Wolverton Trail, Dead Cow, Mike’s Night Out, Itch, Scratch…  Are Eagle trails, but you gain access to these trails right out of Eagle Ranch.

Also, new to 2015 is the addition of new connector trails that run along side some of the paved paths giving beginners easy access and trails that they can easily jump on and off without any grueling climbs…