The Pool & Ice Rink trail is definitely one of the local favorites.  This is primarily done as a downhill via climbing up Boneyard.  A year ago Eagle put some serious time into making this trail better and safer.  I knew a guy who once said to me, “There are two ways to do the Pool & Ice Rink trail.  There’s the right way and the way I do it.”  I said, “what do you mean?”, thinking he was somehow cheating and skirting around the steep downhill, but then he responded, “Well, the way I do it, is over the handle bars”  It was a good laugh, but only because I had once done it that way as well. And when I did manage to stay on both wheels, it was mostly a controlled skid for a good portion of the trail.  However, the recent improvements have made this a much safer and a much more fun downhill.  It is filled with switchbacks that now traverse the steep section and part of the improvements are the berms that allow you to carry your speed a little more.

I recently opted to climb this, but I will admit, I am not sure that I will ever do that again.  There were several steep sections that had me in the granny gear and really had my heart thumping.

Anyway, doing this trail downhill will eventually connect you with the Hey Meadow trail.  So, for those that want a little extra ride, hang a left when you are out of the trees at the first intersection.  This will take you south through the meadow.  You can basically add another 6 miles or so and get another 700 vert. and bring you right back to this intersection.