August 1 – Eagle, Colorado Trail Conditions

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All the locals here in Eagle will tell you that the best time to ride is shortly after a good rain. I was fortunate enough to get out a few times this weekend. When I rode on Sat. the trail was super dusty. Put it this way, when I finished, my black socks were almost white, but then it rained on Sunday afternoon (and again Sunday evening). Neither were huge rains, but at this point anything is better than none. I was able to ride shortly after Sunday afternoon’s rain and wow, what a difference. The trail was hard, tacky/grippy and that translates into “fast”. Also known as Hero Dirt! We still need more rain as Pool & Ice, Haymaker, Abrams Gulch are all getting pretty beat up. On top of that, the number badger holes are growing. In fact, I came around a corner and found myself chasing a badger down the Haymaker trail last weekend. It did a nice head first dive into it’s hole that was right off the trail.

Other trail updates:
Last time I did Pipeline, it was getting pretty overgrown. However, I was told that the cows are back and that means cow dung. A buddy told me that it was all over the trail. I heard that they are also all over the Wolverton trail as well. The last time, I ran into the cows, I was amazed at how the cows refused to move and I wound up having to go way around.

Trail crews spent the weekend working on the Saw Mill trail and I heard some nice things about the progress. I hear it needs to be ridden, but I also heard that it is far from complete, so if you go up to do it, there is a chance you will find yourself walking some sections.

Final update, the Boneyard Brawl (Vail Rec District Race Series) is this Wed. 8/3 here in Eagle. The races start 4:30ish. The race includes Boneyard, Pool & Ice, and Haymaker. if your not racing, you should probably avoid those trails.

Get out there and ride. Happy mountaineering biking!

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