This trail starts (or finishes, depending on the route you take) at the Haystacker Trail Head (yes right off Haystacker Road).  Note, just after starting, you have an split in the trail.  To stay on Mayer/Second, make sure you veer left.  If you go right, you are now jumping on the Turniphead trail.

So, the climb up Mayer/Second Gulch is gradual and takes you through a lot of sage and pinyon.  You will cross the bike path and eventually go under the road and cross through a BLM/cattle guard fence.   After crossing through the BLM/Cattle Guard, you have a gradual climb on a double track for a little over a quarter of a mile and then you starting getting options.  At the first intersection, you can take a left to the Riddle Trail or a single track that will take you out to first gulch/Hard Scrabble Road.  If you continue straight, it takes you to another double track.  The left will take you out to First/Hard Scrabble and the right climbs a little more and then you have a quick little downhill (on double track)  back to Second Gulch.  Most locals continue this way then taking the next left, climbing again on double track (in second gulch) until they hit the first right.  This right is the Bailey Trail.  At this point, you are on part of the Eagle Ranch race course.  Follow this up over the ridge into Third gulch to get to the Arroyo Drive Parking lot.