Abrams Ridge to Worlds Greatest

Abrams Ridge is one of Eagle’s most popular mountain bike rides.  A popular starting and parking spot for this trail is at the Brush Creek Elementary School right off Eagle Ranch Rd.  Note, there is also an Abrams Gulch, but this description is for the Ridge.

The climb is right about 3 miles** of single track with a few steep sections, making this a better than average climb.  This trail also has a lot of moon dust and loose rocks.  As for difficulty, it is a more difficult climb than Boneyard, but I wouldn’t say it is a significant difference.  Like Boneyard, this trail is comprised of a lot of switch backs making the climb doable.  Like most of the trails in Eagle, this trail always rides best within the first few days of a rain as that is when the trail is most tacky and firm.

A lot of the locals do Abrams as an out and back, but it can be done as a loop if you climb up the double track at the top.  Once at the top, you a have a few options.  The first option out is Worlds Greatest.  You can connect to Itch and others from here as well.  While at the top, make sure to enjoy the views.

Worlds Greatest is a trail that also sees a fair amount of dirt bikers and as a result has a lot of loose rock and deep trenches.  This trail can get really loose and soft during dry summer stretches.  The loose rock on this stretch is everything from round smooth sandstone to sharp and jagged rock.  There a few steep and loose sections which make this more of a downhill for mountain bikers than it is a climb, but I have seen riders climbing up this section.

Once at the bottom of Worlds, there are a few ways out.  However, due to some private property issues, the only legal way out (without climbing back out the way you came or turning up Tick Alley to do something like Yellow Chair) is to climb out School House Rock to Horton Street.


** Distance will vary depending on your start and finish points.  Ie. Trail head vs. School Parking Lot etc.