Its warming up here in Eagle.

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Spring is around the corner.  The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting higher, and trails are drying out.  I went out to scout the haymeadow trail yesterday and didn’t get too far before I hit mud and turned around.  However, if things continue the way they are now, it won’t be long before it is all dry seeing a lot of traffic.

Note, Eagle Ranch trails and the Outer loop of Haymeadow are closed by the BLM until April 15th to allow the wildlife a little sanctuary during the harsh winter months.  That means that Haymeadow and Boneyard will see all the trail traffic.

The roads and bike paths are mostly dry and road cyclists have been taking full advantage of that.  I did ride the Eagle Ranch bike path yesterday as well and there are a few wet spots up around Haystacker road.  These wet spots are freezing at night, but melting quickly in the mornings.

Those of you still looking for exercise in the snow, you need to stay up valley or head up to Yoeman Park or Sylvan Lake where you can get some nice snowshoeing and or skinning/x-country skiing in.

For you fly fisherman, I crushed it on the Eagle back behind the Fair Grounds on Sat afternoon around 2:00.  I went 4 for 7.  One Brown trout and three rainbows.  All fish were caught on small  (size 18-20) Pheasant tails and then quickly released.  However, I went back out on Sunday and the water level was higher and the clarity was a lot worse.  In fact, I got skunked on Sunday.  So, on hot days check the water clarity first and if it isn’t looking good, go East to Wolcott or further up river.  Otherwise, try fishing Brush Creek, as it is still crystal clear.

Thats the update for now.

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