Dry and dusty trail conditions in Eagle – 8/01/15.

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We haven’t gotten rain in over a week now and the trails are all dry.  When they get really dry and see a lot of traffic they get dusty.  Right now, Boneyard is still in great shape.  Pool & Ice is showing wear and tear.  There are a lof of washboard sections, ruts, and dust in those sections where users are braking heavily.  Haymaker is also seeing a lot of traffic due to the kids mountain bike camps that have been going on over the past few weeks.  Rocks and tree roots are getting more exposed and like Pool & Ice, there are a lot of washboard conditions on the sections where riders break heavily.  The section back behind the cabin is really soft right now as well.

Extra Credit is open.  This is a new 1.3 mile add on trail that you connect to just past the cabin on the outer loop of Haymaker.  It was just recently completed in the last few weeks.  However, like all new trails the shoulders of the trail are really soft and will be until it gets ridden more and we see more rain.  Advice, stay in the middle as much as possible.

Despite the dusty dry conditions, the mountain biking here in Eagle is still great.  The best riding is early in the day before the day heats up and the wind kicks up.

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