8/10/15 Trail Conditions – Abrams, Itch, Easy Rider, Scratch, Pool & Ice, & Haymaker…

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We haven’t seen any rain in a while and as a result some of the trails are getting pretty worn out.  Pool/Ice and Haymaker have some sections that are getting pretty rough. I think the state BMX championships brought about some additional traffic to Haymaker.  Last night, there were ruts in places that I hadn’t previously seen them and the existing ruts are getting even deeper.

Abrams Ridge is also getting soft/loose in the corners and on the steeper sections, but still riding nice.

Itch and Scratch are in great condition.  However, like Pipeline, the weeds are getting tall and hanging over the trails.

Easy Rider is also seeing tall weeds, but there are is also a section where a dirt bike has created a few ruts right down the middle of the trail.  One of the deeper sections is down low towards the bottom where the spring flows through the trail, creating a deep muddy rut that if you are coming up in fast, you might not see it until you are in it.  There are also a lot of low hanging branches in the upper section of Easy Rider.

Still a lot of awesome riding out there, so be safe and have fun.

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